Friday, 25 February 2011

Members' Evening - March 8th

A note from Steven Harrison:

As you know, we are evaluating changes to the competition scoring system. We want to use this evening to have a look at scoring and also judging, two topics that are frequently discussed on club nights. So we intend to run a peer-judged competition to compare scoring systems and to enable members to put themselves in the Judge's position and discuss the images.

To take part, please 
  • send Steven up to 3 PDI's in normal Projection Format ("Name-Title.jpg", 1024x768, sRGB). If you are happy for your image to be used for the Editing Workshop please also provide the original image.
  • include a few sentences describing the image, what you were trying to do, what editing you have carried out. Your narrative will help to get the debate going, and may also trigger useful feedback in the second half of the evening, which will look at digital editing

Members will be given a scoresheet with the narrative and options to score out of 20 and 1st/2nd/3rd/highly commended etc. We will aim to tally the results rapidly during Tea break.

If time permits, in the second half of the evening we will hold a "How to.." session using Photoshop or Elements to explore some of the themes emerging from the competition. Editing topics that have come up in recent evenings include
  • detail in shadows or highlights,
  • removing blemishes/dust marks,
  • cloning to cover distracting elements or highlights,
  • proper catch lights in eyes, etc etc
The Editing Workshop can be continued ion a later Member's evening if required.