Friday, 25 February 2011

Panoramic Prints evening report - 22nd February

Tuesday 22nd February's lecture on Panoramic Prints by Gareth Davis was fascinating. Gareth started with a history of panoramas starting from the dawn of photography. Then we got an insight into not only purpose-built panoramic cameras, but home-made purpose built panoramic cameras (with Lego mechanisms!). His work has nothing to do with using software to stitch JPGs together.

We saw panoramas where the horizontal axis was time, not angle of view. We saw an entire parade march past recorded on one strip of film, and emerging as a single photograph. Finally we got an insight into Gareth's current use of panorama techniques to create 3D-like patterns from rotations in 2D, although most of us are still struggling with the explanation of those shots :-)

Gareth's website is here. He did say that it needs an update, and there are none of the more recent 3D spirals yet. To understand what you are looking at e.g. in the Kings Parade shots, you need an explanation.