Friday, 1 April 2011

Emergency Programme Change: April Member's evening

The Committee recently decided that we need a broader range of background music for the Audio Visual presentations at the annual Exhibition in 2011.  We cannot justify the cost of a PRS Licence to use commercial music, so we need to generate new material ourselves.

Accordingly the Members’ Evening on April 19th  will now be a sing-song and recording session. We welcome Members’ suggestions for material, especially anything suitable for accompanying photographs being projected on a wall at 8 seconds per picture. Additionally, any suggestions for instrumental music with a photographic theme should be raised with a Committee member.

Kevin has agreed to re-tune the Parish Hall piano (he has a good hammer and is buying a new pliers) and is bringing his banjo and a book of Irish Ballads. He is also working with the Executive Committee on an acapella rendition of “Óró Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile”. However some Committee members are struggling with the Gaelic pronunciation and political undertones. 

Steve has borrowed Westminster Council’s Digeridoo, but reports that the lessons are going slowly. Ralph is handling recording, appropriately using the full audio capabilities of a 1954 Leica M3 (we may have to shout a bit). On a more positive note, Ian is confident that he can still recall the Tibetan throat-singing techniques he learned on his travels as a hippie in the ‘60’s.

So you can see that we have a lot to do. This exercise will not only save us money but has the potential to generate revenue by catapulting the Society into the Royalty-Free music business. We plan to offer favourable terms to other Photographic Societies in the North London area.

Members are requested not to bring any instruments that will be difficult to carry up the stairs. 

The Editor would like to wish you a happy April 1st. If you really want to help the Exhibition – go out and make a new photograph today!

Southgate Photographic Society welcomes new members of all singing levels and senses of humour. No photographic creativity was harmed in the making of this news item.