Saturday, 10 September 2011

I've started collecting useful Links

Some useful Links, destined for the Links page. If you find anything useful send it to the usual address.

Thanks to Annie for the link to 500px. Just another photo site at first glance, but by reputation it seems to be where people are going after Flickr. Notice how the popular choices never align with the editors' picks.

Mark sent me the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011. We agreed we'd like to shoot like this but don't have the telescopic kit - except that some pictures use normal cameras and lenses. Time to get cracking...

Here are two free books on Street Photography by Thomas Leuthard.  He advocates ignoring any issues of the rights of the subject, and just sticking the lens in everyone's face. No-one hit him yet (but a lot of his shots are of startled or vaguely unhappy people).

The London Salon of Photography. "to exhibit only that class of photographic work in which there is distinct evidence of artistic feeling and execution". Not so many holiday snaps here then.

Talk ¦ Photography -  A UK community where people post pictures in search of constructive criticism.

The Guardian's Photography section. Good for news, exhibitions, competitions, and a camera club with monthly assignments.

Steve pointed me to Stuck in Customs.Trey Ratcliff has carved a successful career for himself around his HDF skills. His free introduction is here.

The Luminous Landscape came to us from Ralph. A vast store of photography articles and tutorials ranging from introductory to challenging. Some material goes back 15 years and the technical stuff can get out of date, but much is as valid now as it was before Digital. (My favourite was the article on preparing for a safari, which starts out modestly but turns into a 3 month odyssey possibly requiring a team of porters and a chartered plane. It turns out the author is one of the original Microsoft multimillionaires... ).