2013 Programme


Regular meetings are on Tuesdays at Howley Hall, St Paul's Church, Church Hill, Winchmore Hill, N21 1JA. Interclub competitions and social events are on the days indicated. Keep an eye on our blog for more details on Members' Evening topics closer to the date.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please just turn up on the night.

Email us: info@southgatephoto.org.uk.

PDI = Projected Digital Image.   v1.3 last changed 3rd March 2013
January 8 Members' Evening 1: "Making Winning Images". Steve and Darren give advice on winning competitions using images provided by club members, covering everything from composition to post-processing. Steve Harrison and Darren Cottrell
15 Projected Digital Image (DPI) Competition 1: Members may enter up to 4 images, suitably prepared for projection. Our visiting Judge will offer useful feedback and commentary - a great way of learning ! Competitions do not follow a set theme unless indicated. Judge: Peter Prosser APAGB (CACC)
22 EAF 2012 Selection: See the best of the images selected last year by our parent, the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies, from 100+ member clubs. An insight into what we can aspire to as amateur photographers. Pre-recorded Projected Images
29 Annual General Meeting: A chance to vote on the 2013 Committee and to discuss what the Society should do in the coming year, via Members' Evenings, the Exhibition and other public displays, informal outings and social events. General discussion
February 5 Print Competition 1: Members may enter up to 4 images, suitably mounted. In addition to scoring each entry for those with their eye on the end of year totals, the external Judge will use each image to give helpful advice. Competitions do not follow a set theme unless indicated. Judge: Terry Coffey (CACC)
12 Lecture: Roger Crocombe on HDR.     Roger will take us through the process of making High Dynamic Range images, combining multiple shots to make a single image whose range from light to dark is beyond the reach of a single camera shot. Roger Crocombe ARPS
19 Battle of the Southgates: Round 2 - Our Society went up against the Creative Camera Club of Southgate Michigan last year in Michigan, with US judging. Tonight the images will be viewed and judged by an external UK Judge. Judge: Dr Roger Winter (EAF)
26 Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competition 2: Up to 4 images from each of the members go before our external Judge.  Judge; Paul Radden LRPS DBAGB (EAF)
March 5 Lecture: "Mostly Landscapes" - Linda will take us through her spectacular images of Iceland Linda Sharp, ARPS
8 Annual Dinner (Friday): The Members gather at a secret location to break bread together and quaff special photographic beverages. The Cups for last year's achievements will be awarded and a fundraising raffle will take place. Tickets will be on sale in February, and friends and family will be welcome. Hosted by: Tony Wilson and Sheila Osborn, with assistance from the Members
12 Print Competition 2: See the images under daylight lighting on the Society's custom-built display stand Judge: Stan McCartin LRPS, CPAGB, APAGB (CACC)
19 Members' Evening 2: A workshop, discussion, demonstration or other hands-on event delivered by the Members themselves. Exact topic to be advised later. Cameras or Images may sometimes be required. Members
Easter Break
April 9 PDI Battle with Hertford & District Camera Club:  Our visiting Judge will tackle the annual challenge of assessing images from our two clubs. David Steel
16 Lecture:  "Antarctica". A talk from Micki Aston based on her spectacular images from the southern continent. Micki Aston LRPS CPAGB
23 Projected Digital Image (DPI) Competition 3: The Barbara Shurety Cup. In addition to counting towards the competition for highest cumulative competition score throughout the year, the Judge tonight will award a cup for the best "creative" image, in honour of a past member who enjoyed this area of photography. Judge: Dr Les Spitz ARPS
30 Members' Evening 3: A workshop, discussion, demonstration or other hands-on event delivered by the Members themselves. Exact topic to be advised later. Cameras or Images may sometimes be required. Members
May 14 Lecture: "Macro and Close Up". A talk on the nearby end of the scale by a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. Roger Hance FRPS
21 Print Competition 3: Members will submit up to four images each for critique and scoring by our visiting Judge, who will provide educational feedback centred on the photographs. Judge: Adrian Stone
June 4 Members' Evening 4: Topic to be confirmed closer to the time (around this time of year our thoughts turn to outdoor shooting).  Members
8 Coffee Morning (Saturday): A chance to socialise with fellow members and partners, in an image- free environment, to discuss the poor photographic weather (description based on last year's event). Friends and family welcome. Host: Kevin O'Neill
11 The "Battle" with Braunton: New for 2013, we pit ourselves against Braunton Camera Club in Devon. We will not have an external Judge, but will review the images via audience participation, with the two Clubs exchanging notes on the images of most interest. A chance for discussion, although we will have to get through many pictures. Members
18 Lecture: "Street Photography". An accomplished specialist in urban shooting, especially in the London area, takes us through his work. Dave Mason
Summer Break, with social interludes
July 13 Afternoon Tea (Saturday): The Members gather on a local lawn to drink tea, surreptitiously eat a second cream scone, and complain about other Members who have escaped to exotic locations where everyone knows good photographs grow on trees. Friends and family welcome. Hosted  by: Dennis and Shirley Poulter
August 9 -10 Annual Exhibition: (Friday and Saturday) Dates to be confirmed. Southgate Photographic Society has presented its best printed and projected images every year for 71 years for viewing. A visiting Judge will award Best Print, and best PDI will be awarded in September. We hope to have some good audio-visual work too. More details closer to the event. All hands on deck
17 Supper Evening (Saturday): The Members gather in a local garden to eat, drink, socialise and dodge the man-eating mosquitoes (description based on last year's event). Friends and family welcome. Host: Ian Cameron Black
September 3 Post-break Pub night. The Members gather in a venue that permits suitable fortification before informal sharing of images obtained over the summer break. Laptops, tablets, phones, etc required. Venue tbc
Autumn season
10 Exhibition PDI Competition: An external Judge will make a selection from the PDI images selected for display at the 2013 Annual Exhibition, and will award the Demming Cup to her choice of best image. Judge: Maggie Tear (EAF) 
17 Projected Digital Image (DPI) Competition 4: The tension mounts for Members in pursuit of the 2013 PDI Cup. Up to 4 images each for the Judge to critique. Judge: Howard King (EAF)
24 Members' Evening 5: Follow up on shooting assignments over the summer. Also an informal discussion on the Summer Exhibition Members
October 1 "Pictures on Pieces of Paper - another tree bites the dust" :  A Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society takes us through her print work.  Jay Charnock FRPS (might switch with 22nd Oct)
8 Print Competition 4: The penultimate print competition of the year. Judge: Colin Strong LRPS CPAGB (EAF)
15 Projected digital Image (PDI) Competition 5: The last chance for those wishing to secure the coveted 2013 PDI Trophy to make a difference Judge: Bernard Turnbull ARPS DPAGB (EAF)
22 Members' Evening 6: One or more of the Members will take us through some topic or technique on which they have been working. Members
29 Print Competition 5: Last chance to enter new print material for competition in 2013. Judge: Mike Fuller (EAF)
November 5 Lecture: "Wildlife in Epping Forest". An opportunity to learn about the natural history of a local forest from a photographic perspective. Dr Peter Warne
12 Projected Digital Image of the Year: Members submit the best of their competition entries or selected Exhibition images for a final viewing in 2013 Judge: Robert Good (EAF)
19 Members Evening 7: A final opportunity for some collective work or study before the Christmas calendar takes hold Members
26 Print of the Year: A distinguished Judge reviews the Member's selections of the best of their competition entries or Exhibition hangings Judge: Colin Southgate FRPS DPAGB (CACC)
December 3 President's Evening: The Members provide the food and beverages; the President provides the entertainment; and the more of the former, the better the latter. Steve Harrison and the ensemble cast
10 Christmas Dinner. The Members sample the first Turkey and Stuffing of the season. Friends and family welcome. Organised by Kevin O'Neill
Christmas Break